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TEEBAgriFood Uganda shall inform the agricultural and food system policies in Uganda by providing comprehensive, scientific evidence. The project will respond directly to the policy demand indicated by Ugandan policy stakeholders, and based upon discussions involving local research entities and UNEP-TEEB. The analysis will support the spatial planning of agricultural production to maximise ecosystem services, the evaluation of the economic case for sustainable approaches to urban and peri-urban agriculture around the Kampala Capital City, and the restoration support of the Mabamba Bay Wetland System by reducing its adverse environmental pressures.

The project will identify alternative policy scenarios to assess and review the types, causes, location, and extent of threats to ecosystem services in the Kampala and wetland study areas, vis-à-vis the business as usual scenario. Modelling methods will be employed to quantify the ecosystem services considered.

This work will complement work undertaken as part of the UNEP Economy Division project in Kampala, Uganda – “Catalysing urban and peri-urban agriculture to improve diets and resilience in Kampala”.

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Status: Ongoing

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 Nile Basin Initiative

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