EU-PI Project January 2019 – December 2023

Promoting a sustainable agriculture and food sector

Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico & Thailand


Objective: To make nature's values for food and farming visible and promote change towards a sustainable food system that safeguards biodiversity and ecosystem services.


  1. SCOPING: To document and learn lessons by considering: i) opportunities for change; ii) range of stakeholders; and iii) a preliminary assessment of policy interventions.
  2. POLICY MAPPING: To identify policies that directly target the agri-food sector or indirectly affect it, as well as the governance and institutional arrangements behind those policies.
  3. PILOT PROJECTS: To determine and refine pilot projects to be used for scenarios of policy interventions.
  4. BUSINESS ENGAGEMENT: : In collaboration with the Capitals Coalition, to understand the costs and benefits of including natural capital and biodiversity assessments in corporate decision-making.
  5. SCENARIO ANALYSIS: To make the case for change by analyzing policy scenario(s) against business-as-usual, using the TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework to guide the modeling and valuation of impacts across capitals and across value chains.
  6. ROADMAP FOR CHANGE: To identify the agents and drivers of change as well as assess risks in order to build and plan concrete steps for implementation.
  7. IMPLEMENTATION: To carry out the roadmap of concrete steps to implement a change in an adaptive and sustainable manner.
  8. COMMUNICATIONS AND OUTREACH: To improve the understanding and knowledge about the values of biodiversity and ecosystem services to achieve resilient, secure supply from the agri-food sector, and more tangibly, use the data and methods toward project objectives.

Degraded agricultural lands (tentative)
Sugar cane production in São Paulo (tentative)

Organic food production at the landscape level in Tengchong City, Yunnan Province

Organic farming and agroforestry in Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand

Tropical commodity production / agroforestry

Vegetable sector in Cameron Highlands

Coffee agroforestry

Sustainable rice production

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