November 2023 Scaling true costaccounting can transform ourfood systems - (alternate link)
2022 Covid, the Environment and Food Systems: Contain, Cope and Rebuild Better
November 2021 Counting the Hidden Costs of Food Adds Up to Real Progress Newsweek
September 2021 Systems thinking and complexity science–informed evaluation frameworks: Assessment of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Agriculture and Food
July 2021 Why boosting nature-positive food production makes economic sense
June 2021 In South Africa, reversing land degradation would lead to economic gains: new study
April 2021 UN launches the first artificial intelligence tool for rapid natural capital accounting
April 2021 Re-thinking the role of small-holder farmers in the future of food production
March 2021 The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity: the importance of recognising the value of nature
March 2021 UN Food Systems Champions Discuss The Hidden Costs of Food Systems
February 2021 India implements framework to calculate nature’s economic contribution
February 2021 Billige Lebensmittel sind teuer
December 2020 In battling COVID-19, countries shouldn’t lose sight of sustainable development: new report
November 2020 Why do we need to change our Food Systems? UNEP presentation for the 12th international Conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food
October 2020 The true costs of food systems and why they matter
September 2020 New Guidance on Measuring Food Systems launched ahead of UN Biodiversity Summit
September 2020 TEEBAgriFood: Operational Guidelines for Business Launch
September 2020 Mapping nature’s hidden benefits
July 2020 Transformation of our food systems – the making of a paradigm shift
July 2020 Groundbreaking study maps and values South Africa’s wild spaces
February 2020 What does the UN Environment Programme bring to the table in the zero-budget natural farming debate?
January 2020 Pavan Sukhdev wins 2020 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement
January 2020 ‘Green economy’ pioneer Pavan Sukhdev wins 2020 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement
September 2019 The future of agriculture and food: Evaluating the holistic costs and benefits The Anthropocene Review
March 2019 IPBES Global Assessment Launch: 5 ways to take the guesswork out of decision-making
December 2018 UN Environment’s TEEBAgriFood – The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for Agriculture and Food Initiative
November 2018 Fixing Food Metrics – a call for nexus thinking and the application of the TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework
November 2018 Opinion | Cutting Waste & Keeping Food Fresh with Packaging Made from Plants
November 2018 Creating a Common Language to Solve Hidden Costs of Food System
October 2018 UN Environment wins prestigious award for new work on food, agriculture and biodiversity
September 2018 Vote With Your Wallet and Change the Food System
August 2018 Sustainable Food Systems Needed for Food Security
July 2018 New Report Which Merges Community and Expert Knowledge Could Revolutionize Food Industry
July 2018 Dishonest Pricing Schemes Perpetuate Harmful Farming Systems
July 2018 SDG Knowledge Weekly: Food Systems and Nutrition
July 2018 Piecing Together the Food System Puzzle
July 2018 Report: Food “system” needs to be managed as a system if we want to see change
July 2018 Why the agrifood sector is ripe for natural capital analysis
July 2018 TEEBAgriFood, a Cure for Blindness
July 2018 Agriculture: The Price of our Thrift
July 2018 Der Preis für unseren Geiz
June 2018 New Report Provides Platform to Fix Broken Food Systems
June 2018 Improving the Food System One Dollar at a Time
June 2018 The economics of ecosystems and biodiversity for agriculture and food
June 2018 Why we need a holistic approach to improve our complex food system
June 2018 Smarter metrics will help fix our food system Nature
May 2018 Are You Paying Enough for Your Food?
May 2018 Alexander Müller: “Food Prices Don’t Tell the Truth”
May 2018 People Care When They See the Cost: Evaluating Food Systems
May 2018 Can New Report Bring Transparency to the Food System?
May 2018 To fight climate change, policymakers should turn to food
May 2018 Enhancing Human and Planetary Health by Improving Agriculture
April 2018 “The Environment is our Economy”
April 2018 Health and nutrition experts should and must interact with plant scientists
April 2018 Professor Pretty: Our Food is Not Valued Well
April 2018 Zhang: “Systems thinking empowers us”
March 2018 Minds from around the world converse over corn in BE
February 2018 Managing externalities from agriculture
January 2018 Finding the True Cost of Food
June 2017 The Agroecology Haiku: from a smallholder farmer, with love
April 2017 What Is The True Value of Food? (Discussion from the Food Tank Summit)
April 2017 Lauren Baker: “Make transparent the true cost of food”
February 2017 Helping Decisionmakers Understand the True Cost of Food
November 2016 NATURE: Fix food metrics
June 2016 How food connects all the SDGs
May 2016 Food Tank Washington, DC Summit 2016 – Panel: Uncommon Collaborations
April 2016 Panel Discussion: Why We Need True Cost Accounting
April 2016 The True Cost of American Food: plenary sessions
April 2016 Ten Questions with Alexander Müller, Study Leader of TEEBAgFood
December 2015 La sociedad es culpable de su estupidez
December 2015 How Do Agricultural and Food Production, Distribution and Consumption Offer Solutions to Some of the World’s Most Pressing Environmental Concerns?
December 2015 The Costs and Benefits of Agriculture
October 2015 Has industrialized farming left nature’s bank in need of a bailout?
September 2015 The master accounting lens grinders helping us see the future of food
September 2015 TEEBAgFood Workshop – UNEP Executive Director, Achim Steiner, welcoming message
September 2015 Here’s why industrial food is deceivingly cheap
September 2015 What’s the True Cost of Food?
August 2015 Global Experts to Meet in Brussels to Discuss Economic Costs of Food System
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