TEEBAgriFood Kenya – inception workshop


Nairobi, 21-22 February 2018

The first national workshop brought together 46 local stakeholders to identify agricultural land use decisions that would benefit from valuation of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Four scoping options were tabled including Ewaso Nyiro, Mau complex, Upper Tana and Ewaso Kedong. To further substantiate these options, participants discussed: i) ecosystem types/agricultural sub-sector;  ii)  location, iii) policies (what can be influenced, and what policies is the agricultural landscape affected),  and iv) the anticipated change scenario such as (a) information-provision, e.g. providing agricultural extension, (b) same product but grown a different way, (c) land restoration, and (d) new products or combination of these.

Participants included representatives from:

  • Ministry of Environment and Forestry (Chair)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Co-Chair)
  • Ministry of Land – The National Land Commission
  • Ministry of Water
  • Ministry of Planning and Devolution
  • The National Treasury
  • Ministry of Education, Science Technology and Innovation,
  • Council of Governors Secretariat,
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Private Sector
  • National Museums of Kenya
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