TEEBAgriFood Colombia – inception workshop

Bogotá, 5-6 December 2017

This first national workshop brought together local stakeholders in order to launch the project and identify and decide on the policy scope for the project, possible case study site selection and governance models. Participants identified a wide range of agricultural and environmental policies, agreed on a proposal to focus on the Putumayo Department, and selected key political and research partners to form project committees.

Participants included representatives from:

  • UN Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MADS)
  • Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Biological Research (IAvH)
  • National Land Agency (ANT)
  • Rural Development Agency (ADR)
  • Territory Renewal Agency (ART), including the Development Programs with a Territorial Focus (PDET) Rural Agricultural Planning Unit (UPRA)
  • Faculty of Environmental Studies and Rural (FEAR) of the Javeriana University
  • Colombian Federation of Cattlemen (FEDEGAN)
  • SINCHI Institute
  • Colombian Association of Flower Exporters (ASOCOLFLORES)
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • GIZ Colombia

The workshop report is available here (in Spanish)

Workshop infographics: opening/closing, day 1, day 2 priority areas, day 2 group work

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