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Ecological and green agricultural development in Tengchong City, Yunnan Province. TEEBAgriFood China shall inform the agriculture and food planning process in China by providing comprehensive, scientific evidence to support agriculture and food system policies. The project will respond directly to policy questions from Chinese policy makers, with CRAES-MEE and Tengchong Municipal People’s Government as the political focal points. The analysis will inform green food production policy intervention scenarios, including, but not limited to, the identification of policies related to pollution monitoring and control, pesticide and fertiliser use, demonstration plots, grassland protection and management, forest protection and management, management of wetlands and nature reserves, and marketing and development of green food brands.

In 2022, the Project Steering Committee in China approved the development of a second application funded by the European Union in Heilongjiang Province, located in Northeastern China. This Heilongjiang application is focused on a national soybean expansion policy and will assess the natural, economic and social impacts of changes in land use brought about different soybean expansion policies. Against the backdrop of uncertainty over global soybean production due to climate change and geopolitical tensions, the Chinese government is seeking to expand soybean planting in suitable regions to cope with the increase in domestic soybean demand and enhance the resilience of the food system. Heilongjiang's climatic and environmental suitability for soybean cultivation is exceptional by virtue of its situation in the heart of a black soil region in China, as well as relatively cool and temperate climate, coupled with ample rainfall during the growing season. Heilongjiang has consistently ranked at the forefront of China's grain production, notably maize, rice, and soybeans.

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Read more about work being led by the Capitals Coalition to develop new guidance for agri-business, develop capacity-building and build a growing network of forward-thinking organizations in partner countries.

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