Latest updates

  • [December 2022] CBD COP-15 side event held, including participation by Mr. Huang Runqiu, President of the COP 15 and Minister of Ecology and Environment of China and Ms. Christianne van der Wal-Zeggelink, Minister for Nature and Nitrogen Policy, Netherlands.
  • [November 2022] Third Stakeholder consultation report
  • [October 2022] Application for side event submitted to Conventional on Biological Diversity Conference of Parties 15 accepted – to be held on 14 December in Montreal. (Concept note & Provisional agenda)
  • [October 2022] First draft of integrated scenario modelling and valuation results under review by TEEB Office.
  • [June 2022] Social media to promote the project in China was launched on Weibo and WeChat platforms on World Environment Day. English translations of the posts are available here and here.
  • [June 2022] Remarks by Dr. Li Jun-sheng, Director of Institute of Ecology, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Ecology and Environment at TEEBAgriFood regional symposium.
  • [May 2022] The third project Steering Committee was held by written procedure and minutes finalized. The Committee provided guidance on the draft Data and Methodology Report. The research team has incorporated this guidance and finalized the Report. Detailed analytical work modelling the scenarios for food systems transformation on Tengchong now begins in earnest.
  • Second stakeholder consultation (May 2021)
  • Draft Data and Methodology report submitted to Project Steering Committee for comment, February 2022
  • TEEB AgriFood China video launched during Ecological Civilization Forum, October 2021
  • Scoping and Scenario Setting report endorsed by Project Steering Committee, February 2021

Scope of work

Ecological and green agricultural development in Tengchong City, Yunnan Province. TEEBAgriFood China shall inform the agriculture and food planning process in China by providing comprehensive, scientific evidence to support agriculture and food system policies. The project will respond directly to policy questions from Chinese policy makers, with CRAES-MEE and Tengchong Municipal People’s Government as the political focal points. The analysis will inform green food production policy intervention scenarios, including, but not limited to, the identification of policies related to pollution monitoring and control, pesticide and fertiliser use, demonstration plots, grassland protection and management, forest protection and management, management of wetlands and nature reserves, and marketing and development of green food brands.

Publications and resources

Engaging agri-business

Read more about work being led by the Capitals Coalition to develop new guidance for agri-business, develop capacity-building and build a growing network of forward-thinking organizations in partner countries.

Country-level activities

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