TEEBAgriFood Country Implementation in Africa under EC funding (DG-DEVCO)

Linked to the broader TEEB for Agriculture & Food project, this proposal will focus on African nations as part of its global analysis. It will feature a regional narrative with national case study examples on agricultural systems, practices, products, and policy scenarios, with the overall aims of contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and a wide range of Sustainable Development Goals.

The core elements of the current proposal are: (i) to provide a synthesis of African case studies (outlined below) assessed in the exploratory/feeder studies, and (ii) to assess the various types of interventions that might be used to capture these values so that hitherto invisible value-additions and recognized and accounted for in decision-making, leading to better livelihood outcomes.

This report is to present (i) the socio-cultural and bio-physical context of agri-food production systems for the different case studies, (ii) the impacts and dependencies of agricultural systems and practices as per the TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework, and (iii) a narrative on the theory of change, i.e. opportunities for capturing the value of nature in these case study examples.

Country Case Studies

This project is supported by the European Commission