TEEB-inspired studies

A TEEB-inspired study is a study or initiative that is being (or has been) financed and/or administered by governments, research institutions, civil society organizations or other non-UNEP entities. The involvement of UNEP TEEB in these studies is either very limited or, in most cases, nonexistent. As such, UNEP TEEB does not claim any responsibility for the findings and messages of, or necessarily endorse, these studies. Instead, TEEB offers a platform for partners to promote their work that has been inspired to some extent by the TEEB reports and approach.

The following webpages offer a listing of TEEB-inspired studies. Only relevant links are shared.

Individuals and organizations interested in adding their work to this listing, or carrying out a new TEEB-inspired (or TEEB) study are encouraged to contact unep-teeb[at]un.org.

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