TEEB Philippines Final Workshop

Manila, 20-22 June 2017

The following recommendations were made at the final workshop:

  • Further review the Operations Plan of the Manila Bay Coastal Strategy in the context of the declining flow of ecosystem services from Manila Bay
  • Zoning of go and no-go zone of reclamation must take into account losses or foregone benefits of ecosystem services
  • Review of the EIA process in planning stage of reclamation
  • Monitoring of reclamation activity taking into account the negative impacts on coastal habitats such are as marine fishery, sea grasses and coral reefs
  • Balance of economic growth and sustainability of natural capital in project approval of the National Economic Development Authority
  • Level of government investment or budgeting in monitoring and evaluation of reclamation projects
  • Integration of ES and biodiversity assessment and accounts in local land use and climate change related action planning
  • Inclusion of ecosystem services impacts in the implementation of the EIA
  • Inform the environmental compliance process by providing DENR with information on impacts of reclamation on ecosystems and sustained supply of ecosystem services
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