TEEBAgriFood Assessment - organic rice in the Northeast region (IKI/2021)
Our initial, IKI-funded, TEEBAgriFood assessment in Thailand sought to measure and make visible diverse costs and benefits of rice production as a means to identify options for promoting long term sustainability of production and management of rice landscapes. A scenario analysis was prepared to demonstrate the potential trade-offs generated as organic rice production practices in Thailand are extended over an increasingly large area over the period 2019-2035. Key outputs are now available through the above link.

TEEBAgriFood Assessment - sustainable rice in the Northeast and Central regions (EU/2023)
Our follow up, EUPI-funded, assessment extends the analysis to the commercial rice sector, looking at dependencies and impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. This work focuses sustainable production practices as advocated under the Sustainable Rice Platform Standard for Sustainable Rice Cultivation (SRP Standard) as adopted in Thailand. The study focuses on the impacts and dependencies of rice production on natural capital, human capital, social capital, and produced capital following TEEBAgriFood Evaluation Framework.

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