Scientific and Economic Foundations Report (forthcoming, June 2018)

The TEEBAgriFood ‘Scientific and Economic Foundations’ Report will address the core theoretical issues and controversies underpinning the evaluation of the nexus between the agri-food sector, biodiversity and ecosystem services and externalities including human health impacts from agriculture on a global scale. In essence it will set the theoretical context for the evaluation of these systems policy implementation.

It will argue the need for a ‘systems thinking’ approach, draw out issues related to health, nutrition, equity and livelihoods, present a framework for evaluation and describe how it can be applied, and identify theories and pathways for transformational change.

The report will be structured as follows:

  • Chapter 1 – TEEB for Agriculture & Food: background and objectives
  • Chapter 2 – Systems thinking: an approach for understanding eco-agri-food systems
  • Chapter 3 – Eco-agri-food systems: today’s realities and tomorrow’s challenges
  • Chapter 4 – Human health, diets and nutrition: missing links in eco-agri-food systems
  • Chapter 5 – Social equity, ethics and justice: missing links in eco-agri-food systems
  • Chapter 6 – The TEEBAgriFood Framework: towards comprehensive evaluation of eco-agri-food systems
  • Chapter 7 – TEEBAgriFood methodology: an overview of evaluation and valuation methods and tools
  • Chapter 8 – Application of the TEEBAgriFood Framework: case studies for decision-makers
  • Chapter 9 – The TEEBAgriFood theory of change: from information to action
  • Chapter 10 – TEEBAgriFood and the sustainability landscape: linking to the SDGs and other engagement strategies

To date, over 130 global experts have contributed to the report since 2016. The report is expected to be released on 5 June 2018 on the occasion of World Environment Day, and will be publicly available on this page.

Until then, a series of interviews from authors and other members of the TEEBAgriFood community will be listed here: