The master accounting lens grinders helping us see the future of food

In the summer of 1608 a Dutch-German spectacle maker named Hans Lippershey put the finishing touches to his new invention “for seeing things far away as if they were nearby”: the telescope. A master lens grinder by trade, Lippershey and his colleagues had improved the lives of millions and, through extending the working life of aging but experienced craftsmen now able to see in focus again, added a few percentage points to Dutch GDP. It was his telescope however in the hands of the Italian scientist Galileo that would revolutionise the way we thought and the way we saw ourselves, our fragile earth, and our place in the cosmos. [Read full article]

What’s the True Cost of Food?

Conventional agriculture isn’t cheap. From the use of artificial fertilizer and pesticides to the obesity epidemic, our current food system has a number of hidden costs to the natural environment and human health, far outweighing the benefits of cheap food. [Read full article]